Networks are growing in importance and scope for today’s organizations. As a longtime networking industry leader, HP Networking is a safe choice for the best available products, solutions and customer care to meet those challenges.

HP is one of the largest IT companies in the world. They recently developed a new networking brand to replace the previous Procurve and 3Com brands, offering superior technology and core network products to large enterprises (A series); mid-sized customers (E series); small and medium enterprises (V series) and network security needs (S series).

Gone are the days of fragmented networks that are hard to manage, vulnerable to attacks and expensive to maintain. HP are transforming the way networks are deployed and managed with a game-changing product and services portfolio. HP Networking delivers next-generation, integrated and modular network management capabilities that efficiently meet the end-to-end management needs of advanced, heterogeneous enterprise networks.

Network Hardware Online is a leading resource of new and pre-owned HP hardware.

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