Article 1.             Definitions

 1.1.          In this disclaimer the following definitions apply:

  1. Network Hardware Online: the user of this disclaimer: Network Hardware Online located at
    Comeniusstraat 2A at Alkmaar, The Netherlands, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 56056249;
  2. visitor: the visitor of the website;
  3. website: the website www.networkhardwareonline.com where the visitor may order Network Hardware Online’s products and find information about Network Hardware Online.


Article 2.             Content

 2.1.          Network Hardware Online reserves the right to change the information offered on or through the website, including the text of this disclaimer, at any time without notice. It is recommended to check regularly whether the information provided on or through this website, including the text of this disclaimer, has been changed.

 2.2.          Network Hardware Online cannot guarantee that the information on the website is suitable for the purpose for which it is consulted by the visitor. All information is offered in the actual state and without any (implicit) guarantee or warrants with regard to its suitability or fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise. The visitor is solely responsible for the selection and use of the information on the website.

 2.3.          Obvious mistakes or errors in the offering do not bind Network Hardware Online.


Article 3.             Intellectual property rights

 3.1.          The intellectual property and other rights with respect to all or through the website information offered (including all text, graphics, logos, and photos) rest with Network Hardware Online, its licensor, or the person who posted the content on the website. It is not permitted to copy, publish, distribute, modify, rent, lend, or sell the website or the information provided on it without express written permission of Network Hardware Online.

 3.2.          Printing of pages is only permitted for personal use.


Article 4.             Liability

 4.1.          The information on the website is intended exclusively for general information. No rights can be derived from the information provided on the website.

 4.2.          Network Hardware Online does not guarantee the website to function without error or interruption. Network Hardware Online disclaims any liability with regard to the (peaceful) use of the website explicitly.


Article 5.             Links to websites of third parties

 5.1.          In the event that Network Hardware Online includes hyperlinks to third party websites on its website,  or allows a third party to link its website to the website of Network Hardware Online, the visitor should be aware that Network Hardware Online makes no warranty and accepts no responsibility regarding the content or practices of such third parties or their websites. Such websites are not under Network Hardware Online’s control and Network Hardware Online provides and / or allows these links solely as a convenience for the visitor. The inclusion of any link does not imply affiliation, endorsement, or adoption by Network Hardware Online. The use of such links is at the visitor’s risk.


Article 6.             Visitors’ comments or reviews

 6.1.          Visitors can respond to a blog article or post a review on the website. Network Hardware Online always has the right to remove any comment or review from the website.

 6.2.          Network Hardware Online cannot be held liable for the content of a comment or a review  posted on the website by a visitor.