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Ordering at Network Hardware Online

At Network Hardware Online, an order can be placed easily and within just a few minutes.
Our handy search options help you to quickly find the network equipment you need and our intuitive ordering system guides you in completing your purchase.

Follow these 5 steps to order your hardware online in our web store:

Step 1: Find the network equipment you need

Our handy search engine allows you to simply enter the model number of the equipment you need. Even when you only enter part of the number, it will return all available matches in the search results. If you don't have the model number, you can also find the required equipment by navigating through our menu.

Do you have a part number?
Yes. Use the quick search option by entering the part number in the search field and clicking the magnifying glass. The search field is not case sensitive.

No. Start by selecting the product type from our main menu and let the subcategories lead you to the products you need.

Are you ready to purchase, or do you need more details on the product?
Ready to purchase. Continue to Step 2.

More details. Click on ‘Product details’. You will arrive at the product detail page, where you can view all product information, images and specifications.

Step 2: Select & add

If a product is not in stock, or when you wish to place a large order, you can request a quote.
We will deploy our global network to provide you with a quote, usually within 48 hours, that offers you the best pricing and earliest availability possible.

Add product to cart Select the quantity and condition* and add the product by using the button 'Add to cart'.

Requesting a quote Click on the button 'Request quote' and complete the quote request form. The fields containing an * are mandatory. Did you complete everything? Then click on 'Send'.

*Most of the equipment we offer, is available in two different conditions: new and refurbished. Refurbished network equipment is more economically priced and benefits the environment.

Step 3: Check

When you have finished, you can proceed to check your personal or company details and your order.
Are the mail and delivery addresses correct? Did you add all required products to your cart?

Stap 4: Shipment & Delivery

Select the desired shipment option and choose your payment method.
When your order is shipped within the EU, your delivery is free of charge, except for priority deliveries.

Stap 5: Purchase & Complete

If the payment was successful, the order has been completed. We will send you an order confirmation by email.
Upon receipt of your payment, an automatic notification will be given.